About Metaphorest

Sarah Daly is the artist known as Metaphorest. Sarah Daly was born in Waterford, Ireland some years ago and soon after, began to make musical moves. Metaphorest was born some time later.

In her teens, she bashed out angsty, hormonal songs on her guitar and by the late noughties, was busily racking up tracks on her trusty four-track recorder. Sarah began using the Metaphorest monikerin 2009 and has been making music under that alias ever since.

Sarah released her debut album in 2011, entitled “Metaphorest Volume I.” The album is available from iTunes, and you can sample and purchase Sarah’s music throughout this app.

Her work has been performed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, Sia, Anne Hathaway and been included in several independent movies, such as “White Out” and “Lord of Tears.” Sarah has also written and sung the music for several adverts.