Lord of Tears Update (Plus Live Gig News!)

A Happy Monday to you, one and all! Metaphorest here with an update on all things me at the moment! Hope you don’t have sore post-St. Patrick’s Day heads!

You may or may not know that I write scripts as well as songs. One such script was a supernatural chiller by the name of Lord of Tears. (You can watch the trailer here.) In March of last year, 13 of us ventured off to a spooky old mansion in the Scottish Highlands to shoot the film and ever since, Lawrie (the director/editor/producer!) has been working on the edit. Now, the film is basically complete and to help fund marketing the film, producing DVDs and creating an awesome soundtrack album (which I’m producing along with the guys who produced my album – Craig Sutherland and Andy McDonald) we launched our very first Kickstarter campaign. We’ve been humbled and delighted by the response to the campaign, not only the pledges made, but the support from friends, family, horror fans and the blogosphere!


(The cast and crew at our spooky mansion – Ardgour House)
There have been some really cool developments through the course of the campaign – we’ve now had over 200 backers, a ton of very positive coverage from websites and blogs and the film has actually been accepted into two festivals – San Diego Comic Fest and the Bram Stoker International Film Festival – a huge and exciting development! And for those of you within travelling distance of San Diego or Whitby, UK – it means you can come see the film on the big screen! I’ll also be playing a show at Comic Fest, my first US gig ever (and at this point the only Metaphorest gig I’ve ever done!) So I hope that I might see one or two of you there 🙂

Other cool moments include the film receiving Twitter support from Jim Parrack (True Blood) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and an exceptionally kind Sultan from UAE signing on as our Executive Producer! It’s been quite the rollercoaster – a lot of work and a huge learning curve but a really rejuvenating experience too. It really is amazing what the universe does when you stick your neck out a little bit! More than just the financial support, the goodwill towards the film, the connections we’ve made and the opportunities which have opened up (like the gig!) have really blown me away. So very grateful.


(Myself and the leading lady Lexy Hulme!)

There are now just 9 days left to support the film and snap up one of our many rewards. Every bit really does help! We want to keep making independent art, holding onto control of that art and really genuinely connecting with our audience. With both the films and the music, the dream is to have our own little cottage industry here in our tucked away corner of Scotland. Kickstarter seems to be the best way of doing that.

So, to everyone who has supported us so far – THANK YOU!! It means the world.
And to everyone else, there’s still time!! Just over a week left to make your pledge! All Metaphorest fans who contribute will get a free exclusive track sent to them at the end of the campaign! Your help in spreading the word would also be wonderful as we enter our final week. From the response we’ve gotten so far, we think our film might just have a chance out there in the big wide world, and the more time and money we can spend on it at this stage, the better its chance.


Excited to get stuck into the soundtrack and to share the fruits of our labour with you all very soon! And hopefully see you in whimsical Whitby or sunny San Diego 🙂

Thanks so much from the bottom of my little Irish heart!

Meta/Sarah xx

Ps. I’ll have more musical news for you soon too – watch this space!