New Charity Single ‘Be Prepared’

I’m very happy to announce a brand new single ‘ Be Prepared’.

Be Prepared is a song that I wrote way back in 2009. I recorded it then as a simple acoustic number and the song always meant a lot to me but it never quite found its home. Then US musician Spaceship found the track and decided to put his own wondrous Beatles-esque spin on it. He created an epic, triumphant version of the song that just blew me away.

Collaborating on this song together was a great experience for us both and so we wanted to do something really special with it. I suggested that we donate the proceeds from the song to cancer caring charity Maggie’s who do amazing work in my local area (and across the UK) and Spaceship immediately agreed.

So, head on over to Bandcamp and take a listen! I hope you all like the song and that you’ll consider parting with a £1 for a very good cause and helping to spread the word!

Love, Meta